Van Londen Advocatuur is a niche player providing legal specialist expertise to data driven businesses, such as in the TMC and Bio- Pharma sectors focussing on:

  • corporate & commercial transactions
  • exploitation and protection of intellectual property
  • legal aspects of AI, privacy, (cyber)security, ethical hacking & counter social engineering, international data exchange.

Work examples:

Lead Counsel in litigation about the use of surveillance software by the University of Amsterdam in summary proceedings in first instance and appeal on data security and GDPR compliance, reported in the national and international press (Bloomberg, ScienceGuide, Business Insider).

Advising on:

  • mitigating legal consequences of data security breaches.
  • legal framework for exploitation new technology out of incubators, accelerators and in scaling.
  • shareholders agreements, investor agreements, funding, governance issues and compliance, boardroom disputes

Advising and structuring of platforms, data driven solutions, privacy compliance.