van londen

Van Londen provides a corporate commercial & data protection practice under Dutch, EU and Australian law.


The office advises on the legal framework of data driven projects, new products and technologies. It also assists with (personal) data breaches, including litigation.

Van Londen works with experts on technical issues, cybersecurity and forensics. It teams up with expert lawyers in specialist fields as and when the client’s needs require it.

It is an active contributor to the discussions on regulatory aspects of data governance and is member of NL AI Coalitie.


  • University of Amsterdam (CSR & FSR)                     
  • University of Amsterdam Holding                           
  • AMC Ventures Holding                                            
  • Radically Open Security                                           
  • Versa Welzijn
  • Masters of Scale International
  • Motoshare
Van Londen has a proactive, thoughtful and measured approach. The office is technically able and sensitive to business needs. It is well connected to the technical community. Van Londen is reliable, delivers sound legal advice with a practical approach.