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GERA.nu is the business name of Van Londen Advocatuur B.V.. It  developed from the corporate legal practice of Sofie van Londen.

Clients demand integrated services and that involves a cultural change of the legal profession. It not only revolves around digitalisation, lean and streamlined operations. GERA.nu offers on top of that creativity, flexibility and integrated solutions with other disciplines. With lots of enthusiasm.

Life cycles of business inevitably involve changes affecting multiple parts of organisations. As these happen, not only Legal Counsel, also information officers, financial-  operational and other departments hire outside help.  There is abundant frustration about inefficiencies, overlap, gaps and cost and time blow-out. Coordination becomes essential. GERA.nu offers that coordination for clients who do not have the spare capacity in their organisation and still want to control costs and time.  

Over time Sofie formed a network of capable experienced professionals and experts who come together for assignments. They jointly perform the services required by the clients on ad hoc basis. Working methods were developed for continuous high end service levels, satisfaction and pleasure of the client. GERA.nu was born. Gera is a Dutch girls name meaning 'strong or courageous with the spear' and an Old Norse verb meaning 'do, perform, act, make, build, finish'.


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